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Exactly how it sounds. A standing invitation to step out for in person gatherings each month.

Once per month, you'll receive an invitation via email — an open invitation to connect through fueling the creative spirit. 

Guided by the awareness that the best ideas come from being out in the world, I invite you to be part of a collective of practicing creatives; an inner circle of contemporaries that each bring their distinct expertise to the table, and are united through gatherings spanning art, nature, design and learning through doing. 

Ongoing and space is generally limited. No pressure to make them all, but try to make a few.  

- Melanie Ryan 





April's Invitation is a first look at a brand new studio installation designed by Isa Isa showcasing the raw natural plant materials used to create Twenty One Tonnes' unique homewares.

TWENTY ONE TONNES is a Los Angeles based studio that designs unique pieces for interiors, and produces them in collaboration with traditional craftspeople in Ghana, Mexico and Japan. Designers Chessa Osburn and Mary Jane Bolton are intentional with their choice to work with women's organizations, small family workshops, and indigenous communities. And they strive to do trade in a way that supports tradition and sustainability by working with artisans to create new designs with ancestral techniques and local natural materials.

ISA ISA is a floral design studio based in Los Angeles. With an emphasis on seasonal, often local and foraged flowers, branches, pods, and fruits, our desire is to create emotive, weird, and wonderfully inspired environments. Founded by Sophia Moreno-Bunge in 2014, ISA ISA is named after Sophia’s Argentine grandmothers, both of whom are called Isabel.

Full details and instructions to follow after confirmed attendance. 




Green Turrell Invite w Boarder 600.jpg

February's invitation is a collaborative gathering with the wonderful Eva Seta as co-host.

You're invited to a viewing and kickback on Sunday February 25th for a classic LA gathering for locals, with a cruise down the highway to arrive in time for a gradient sunset at the outdoor public skyspace installation.

Bringing together architecture and public art. - Melanie Ryan


Bask in the awareness of light, sky, and perception on the eve before Frieze week commences. A new tradition of calm before enjoying the storm, set your intentions for the forthcoming cascade of happenings among friends and colleagues, new and old. In our city’s classic fashion, drive a while to see the exemplary example of public art.  - Eva Seta

Full details and instructions to follow after confirmed attendance. 




January's invitation takes place in Venice at Chromasonic - the perfect experience to kick off 2024 to help expand awareness and enhance connection, (which are also my main priorities with these monthly gatherings). Chromasonic is an immersive installation where guests essentially "hear light and see sound".

We'll gather before to hear the founder's intentions and plans for more installations at LAX and beyond. Calming mood enhancing beverages will be served. 

Full details and instructions to follow after confirmed attendance. 

Submit your email for future invitations: 

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