The best life experience and challenges come with traveling. Exploring has always been a priority in my life both personally and professionally. I've been primarily focused on building a life in Los Angeles for the past two years, and the itch to forage new experiences and connections has me back at it. 


I’m also going to be looking back and adding a section to share some of my past California weekend getaways, travel groups and tips for a more involved and meaningful travel experience.  

For now, I’ll keep it current to 2017. 

 First up, Bali Indonesia - March 2017 

An upcoming retreat with Shivakili Yoga @shivakaliyoga with @antoinettevcardenas.

While I’m in Bali, I’ll also be visiting the folks with Roam and exploring their upcoming openings. 

Check out the unique travel items I’m brining along with me under _WITH blog.

*Images courtesy of Shivakili Yoga