People want to work with who they like. Simple.

After years of networking at traditional professional business events and conferences -

I often felt drained and not inspired by the experience. A blur of small talk, sensible heels, and business cards at the bottom of my complimentary tote bag. 

I decided to start my own programming/events for my clients, collaborators and cohorts.

Another way to connect IRL, and show appreciation for continuing to refer me and my clients in rooms, we may not be in yet. 


I typically keep it small and intentional,

and it tends to be over food: gradient gatherings

or sport + recreation: good-form activations


Through thoughtful curation and pre and post insight, I help connect the dots as to why you need to meet. A full vibe curation: theme, music, partners, coordination and beyond.

This is how I like to bond and learn about people.

Get in touch to participate and let's build.  

Programming samples below: 


/ sport + recreation at significantly designed locations

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Get in touch to partner, and subscribe to get a notification for the next activation:

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/ An artful monochromatic dining experience



/ A gathering focusing on natural wine and sustainable design


Aimee Hartley, founder of wine & culture magazine Above Sea Level and I teamed up, to taste through 5 wines from some of California's most exciting, craft-led winemakers — Cruse Wine Company, Vinca Minor, Ashes & Diamonds, Forlorn Hope & Matthiasson.

Each guest brought a unique perspective with their creative backgrounds.

Thank you to everyone that came curious and left wanting to explore more. I'm looking forward to collaborating on more design focused events to come!

c/o Melanie Ryan:

Photography, graphic design, guest curation and strategic partnerships.